Filippo Fiora

From Milano, Italy. Meet Filippo Fiora of One of the most prosperous fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Europe.

For those who haven’t yet got the pleasure to get to know you – who is Filippo Fiora?

FF: I’m a 25-year-old Italian blogger and architect from Milano that’s trying to combine my two biggest passions - architecture and fashion!

How would you describe your blog

FF: Sometimes it happens that people call me a fashion blogger. Well, I’m a fashion blogger but there’s more to it. What I’m trying to communicate to my readers is not only my idea of fashion but also my general conception of beauty. Beauty isn’t only in the world of fashion, it can be found in everything surrounding us. This is why The Three F is like a box full of what I consider wonderful. Beauty is art, architecture and fashion is also art. So I guess that a more proper label of what I do is “art blogging” :).

You started blogging for about three years ago. Can you tell us how it all got started and how you have become the “art blogger” you are today?

FF: I started the blog in March 2010 as a result of my big thirst for fashion and to spread the Italian sense of style. A few months before that two of my best friends decided to open their own blogs. They were just focusing on fashion for women, so I thought why not start something solely dedicated to men.

I have now lived with for almost three years now. In the beginning I was just a dreamer wasting his time posting things online and now I’m ruling one of the most important European blogs dedicated to men’s fashion and lifestyle with almost 5000 visitors a day. Loads of water has flowed under the bridge but I hope the best is yet to come. :)

In what direction do you see going in the future?

FF: I’m very instinctive so I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll keep the section dedicated to my outfits even in the future but I’d like also putting beside it a couple of new autonomous sections I’m still planning.

Seems like you get quite a lot of invitations from fashion and lifestyle brands to participate in events all over the world. Most recently you were in Paris for a G.H. Mumm event. Any exciting, more in depth, collaborations going on with any of these brands that you can tell us about?

FF: The best part of the job is that enables these kinds of experiences with world famous brands. For example this year I’ve been in Geneva for IWC and in Paris with G.H. Mumm, I also run the “Mille Miglia” race car all around Italy with Acqua di Parma: impossible things come true.

Currently I’m launching a new contest opened to all my readers so you really have to stay tuned.

Italians in general are famous for their style awareness. How would you describe the style of the contemporary Italian gent?

FF: Italians are in general very well dressed. They have a very peculiar attention to refined details and quality, not only about current trends. They exactly know what to wear and where to find it. Maybe it's because of the idea of beauty I was telling you about before. When you are surrounded by beauty (isn't Italy like the paradise on earth?) it's impossible that this is not reflecting even of your way of dressing. Italy is a really inspiring country.

Would you say that there are differences between how guys from Milano, where you’re from, and from the rest of Italy, dress?

FF: Ahahah this is a funny question that will totally dismount my last answer.

My previous answer is still valid for guys coming from Milano and other bigger cities – they are in general very well dressed.

If we discuss the same question in the context of for example my hometown (but this can also be extended to Italy in general) I can say that there is only one imperative: LOGO! People need to show that they have money to buy high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Fendi. Terrible!

How would you describe your own style? From what and/or from whom do you get the inspiration for how you dress?

FF: I wear everything I like and that reflects me but I mostly go for quite elegant and tailor-made pieces. I’m totally obsessed with blazers and shoes.

I don’t have a precise source of inspiration; I just follow my own instinct.

What are you wearing today?

FF: Today the rain is pouring down here in Milano. So the weather have had a great deal of influence of outfit today; Military green Parka, Prada skinny jeans and a pair of high rubber sole Timberland shoes.

If you were to give the BASOUK audience just one advice for how they should dress for A/W 2012 – what would it be?

FF: I’ll tell you three rules for this winter:

Go black and metal. Go animals (animal prints everywhere) and go leather (from coats up to suits)


October 5, 2012